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There are various types of management careers in the lodging and food and beverage industry.

Key piece on management position is helping the guest/customers and the employees. There

many levels of management in each of the industries.

There are different operating criteria for hotels and motels and resorts in the lodging industry.

Motels might be family owned on a smaller scale with operating expenses location is out in the

suburbs and more families or truckers coming through and less employees, hotels with a general

manager having to ensure everything runs smoothly from the front all the way through.

have locations mostly downtown or airports for the business people. Resorts are mostly in

secluded locations where the general managers must see that their vacations are the employees

look like they are on vacation as well as the guests. The general managers in any case must

ensure that all hotel guests are comfortable, the hotel is on budget and the cleanliness of the hotel

is up to standards.

Food and beverage manager oversees all food and beverage operations including liquor and bar

procedures, food control, sanitation and cost. They also need to know and understand the legal

sanitation codes. Properly evaluate inventory of liquor, beer, wine non-alcholic beverages and

Three practices in the Human Resource in food and beverage industry are, it is lower

centralization of the HR, specialization and focus recruiting. Centralizing the HR helps

economize and bring together the knowledge of the organization. Specialization develops a plan,

process management analyzes the business. Focus recruiting can spend more time on activities

that identify on successful professionals. All these work hand and hand of each other.

Communication is key in order for the three to work. It…...

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