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‘Butcher’ doesn’t cut it! Try the fresh food

By Helen Madden-Hallett,

Elg & Robinson are about as far away from the traditional butchers’ shop image as could be. Their produce includes not only the standard meat fare, but also a diversified offering of specialty meats, poultry, wine (as part of a loyalty program), spices, smallgoods (prepared on-site) and seafood. Their bouquet specialty meats, fish and poultry selections are prepared on the premises and are purchased by a burgeoning number of professional families with dual incomes living in the area. The marketing effort underpinning this innovative approach to retailing encompasses new product lines, modern promotions, competitive pricing and a close eye on location. The creative team behind the image is a partnership between Phillip Elg and Peter Robinson. Mr Robinson explains: ‘Phillip is the director for the company, Elg Developments; and although we are both employees, we have a partnership agreement.’ The company has focused on their store in Williamstown, which has 12 employees in total. Phillip was born and bred in Williamstown, and has had a long association with businesses in particular in the area. He built The Strand, a well-known local seafood eatery, 18 years ago. Phillip was offered the current site in the concourse directly opposite a Coles supermarket (and the conduit to one of the main carparks) because of his professional training as a butcher and his expertise in food. In figure 8.1, the site for Elg & Robinson in Williamstown, near the Coles supermarket, is shown.

FIGURE 8.1 The Elg & Robinson storefront and the entry to the Coles supermarket

Source: Used with permission of Elg & Robinson.

Another perspective of the storefront is shown in figure 8.2.

FIGURE 8.2 The Elg & Robinson storefront

Source: Used with permission of…...

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