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The most rewarding occupation that one could have would be one in the field of Criminal Justice, especially as a Secret or Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) Agent. The average CIA Agent can make a six figured salary each year. The job of being a Secret Agent is also filled with thrills and excitement. The CIA Agent not only makes a nice salary and has an exciting job, but the CIA Agent also helps to ensure the safety the society. The US government trusts this group of highly qualified individuals to protect American citizens in various locations around the world. The job of a CIA Agent pays well monetarily, is exciting and provides safety and security to our nation.

A CIA agent or spy can make a salary of more than $100,000 per year. A salary of that sum can provide the agent and his or her family with a very comfortable lifestyle. Some critics may argue that “money isn’t everything”, but money is very useful and needed in order to have a certain quality of life. Money pays for food, shelter, education and so much more. Just because of the money alone, a secret agent is a very rewarding occupation.

However, money alone doesn’t make the occupation of CIA Agent the best occupation, but also the excitement that comes along with being a spy. As a CIA Agent, you’re trained to investigate real crimes, criminals, suspected criminals, and perceived threats, and doing it secretively. It is full of excitement and adventure, as the professionals travel across the world in two days. Having an occupation that requires you to be a different person and hide in plain sight has to be exhilarating.

Beyond making lots of money and having an adventurous job the CIA Agent is also a very beneficial part of society. They provide safety and security for society’s members. They save lives on an almost daily basis. A CIA Agent can stop a bomb from blowing up in a building, and save…...

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