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Module 1 Homework
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This paper was prepared for CIS 110, Module 1, taught by Farooq Afzal.

Flow of Control
Flow of Control refers to the order in which statements we have in the program are executed. The order can be ascending, descending or can execute a set of instructions a certain number of times where some values are changed and until the value meets some condition is stop executing those instructions. Determine, the order of the instructions, depends primarily on the algorithm that we developed in the program (Campbell, Islam, Raila, & Madany, 1993).
Sequential flow
Refers to the execution of instructions one after the other, i.e., a line to the next without skipping any, is where the output of one is the input of another. The sequential flow is almost nonexistent since many programs do function calls, and this makes it not sequential.
When you call a function jump either conditional or unconditional is done, the "code block" class is executed and when it completes the block is returned to the address stored in memory before the jump, the function causes it to return to that address with the instruction "return". This is what we call function subroutines or subprograms (Calder & Grunwald, 1994).
Alternative flow
It is when the program counter does not follow the next instruction (as in the sequential flow) and jump directly to another although this in one direction farthest memory, you may skip to the next line unconditionally, ie compulsory basis, conditionally or done that is when some expression plays a certain condition and jumps to another instruction. You can also combine the conditional and unconditional jumps, i.e., a jump to a block of code if the expression is found to be true or false if another block is made.
Selective flow
Used when…...

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