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With the rapid development of the modern society, it is generally believed that living in the city is more convenient, which allows citizens to achieve high quality of life. However, what this point fails to take into consideration is that urban life may also cause various problems including the negative impact of air pollution, and the high cost of housing. It is clear that city living makes residents more stressed. This essay will discuss this argument by demonstrating the detrimental effects of city living.
To begin with, the air quality in the city is worse than the rural area because of the development of industries, especially the automobile factories. Granted, travelling to various destinations is much easier with the diversity of transport methods. However, the heavy reliance on such transport tools like private cars could lead to severe air pollution that is harmful to the general public. Besides, vehicles exhaust may contain toxic substances, which results in serious diseases like asthma and lung cancer. Therefore, dwellers living in the city should pay more attention to their physical health compared with people living in the country.
Furthermore, citizens tend to have more mental problems if they live in the city. Although many well-paid jobs exist in metropolitan areas, the competition is much fiercer among job seekers. Therefore, the difficulty of hunting for appropriate jobs may contribute to the psychological burden of people who lack abundant working experience. Moreover, it is believed that over-work is another element that results in mental stress. Although employees will be paid with relatively high salaries, their mental as well as physical health will become worse due to the shortage of sleeping and leisure time, which possibly leads to anxiety and depression.
Finally, due to the limitation of resources, the cost of living downtown is much…...

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