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Re: Whistleblower Incidence

Whistle-blowing is the activity of a person telling the general public or a person of authority something dishonest or illegal occurring within their organization. Many individuals end up facing severe consequences in the form of backlash from their organization.

Over fifteen years ago, Joanna Gualtieri, a former foreign affairs realty portfolio manager, spoke up about lavish spending in the form of accommodation abroad for staff that was a part of foreign affairs. Reports from the Inspector General and Auditor general evidenced her claims. Some of the spending she observed was an eighteen million dollar mansion in Tokyo which remained empty for several years. The individual who was supposed to stay in it rented luxury properties spending up to $350,000 of government money a year. Another instance was a million dollar condominium owned by the crown in which the Ambassador’s Japanese butler and chef lived.

At the time, she stated the bureau did not care and was reduced to a low-level job due to her claims. Her superiors ignored her and censored reports that described how the government’s multi-million dollar properties were being improperly used. She was harassed by three of her bosses and eventually ended up on unpaid medical leave. Some of the harassment she faced included: * Nay-saying of her concerns and claims * Ridicule to her dedication and stewardship * Forbiddance of travelling to her Canadian missions that she was responsible for * Telling her not to complete trip reports then accusing her of incompetence * Publically removing her from her position
She eventually filed a lawsuit in 1998 which lasted over twelve years, prolonged by defense lawyers. Joanna sued her superiors including the minister who she had also approached for help. In the midst…...

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