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TEMPE, Ariz., May 4 -- Arizona State University issued the following press release:
How can educators, families and communities promote and improve coeducation in schools from preschool through higher education?
This is a far-reaching question two new initiatives at Arizona State University are addressing through the American Council for CoEducational Schooling (ACCES) and the Sanford Harmony Program.
ACCES is operated through the university's School of Social and Family Dynamics in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences and is made up of scholars and citizens from across the United States who are focused on children, education, families and communities. The Sanford Harmony Program is a research and curriculum initiative also operated through the school, and funded by philanthropist T. Denny Sanford, that is working to understand and enhance relationships among girls and boys.
While teaching in single-sex schools and classrooms has become increasingly popular in recent years, there is little scientific evidence that shows teaching boys and girls in separate public school classrooms is advantageous over teaching in coed classes, said Richard Fabes, professor and director of the School of Social and Family Dynamics and ACCES director of operations.
In fact, there is evidence, according to Fabes, that single-sex classes can be detrimental - for instance, the more time that male and female students spend apart, the more the stereotypes about the sexes are reinforced. Other disadvantages include the costs of training teachers to teach girls and boys differently and the resource demand of staffing both single-sex…...

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