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Therapeutic Communication
Nursing 4206
Therapeutic Communication
Any communication designed to increase the self-worth of the patient or decrease psychological distress
Implies unconditional positive regard for the patient from the nurse and is done in a caring, concerned, empathic manner
Therapeutic Nurse-Patient Relationship

Therapeutic nurse-patient relationships can only occur when each views the other as a unique human being
Therapeutic relationships are goal oriented, client-centered and are directed at learning and promoting growth
Goals are often achieved through use of the problem-solving model
Process of understanding one’s own beliefs, thoughts, motivations, biases, and limitations and recognizing how they affect others
Crucial in developing a therapeutic nurse-patient relationship
Conditions Essential for a Therapeutic Relationship
Phases of the Therapeutic Nurse-Patient Relationship
Preinteraction Phase
Explore self
Learn about patient
Orientation Phase Honeymoon phase Testing Phase
Phases continued
Working Phase
Patient explores identified problems and strategies to work on them
Promote client insight and perception of reality
Overcome resistant behaviors
Continuously evaluate progress toward goal attainment
Phases continued
Resolution Phase
Stressful for the patient
Learning is maximized
Patient reactions to termination
Feelings of rejection
Variables that Influence Communication
Values, Attitudes, Beliefs
Social Status
Age/Developmental Level

Verbal and nonverbal Communication

Verbal Communication
Terminology/Word Selection
Use of Silence
Nonverbal Communication
Dress and Appearance
Body Movements and Psoture
Eye Contact

Techniques to Promote Therapeutic Communication

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