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People communicate in many different ways. We have verbal and non verbal communication. : A process by which information is exchanged between individuals through a common system of symbols, signs, or behavior. Verbal is when you are talking to someone. Non verbal is when you are communicating without speaking like body language, eye contact, text, email, phone calls, or facial expressions. I am psychiatric technician. At M.B.M.H.I. everyday at shift change there is a meeting held to let the on coming shift know how the patients were acting on that day. It also informs on who the violet, good, or patients that are cheeking there medications. There is normally suppose to be at least six techs on the units every night two females and four males. The females take care of our hall and the males do the same. We have to all communicate because at our job if a patient is mad or is violent he or she can hurt one of us if we are not working together. We must all stay on the same page at all times. But there have incidents when one tech has said no and another has said yes that’s when a nurse on the unit has to step in and defuse the situation. I have learned that it is better to walk away than to stand there and argue with patient because he or she is there for a reason. The male’s techs on the unit really control the unit depending on the size of the male and how he approaches the situations that occur on his shift. When there is a strong male present the unit usually runs smooth. Sometimes it is hard to run the unit when the family has visited the patient that day. Some family members think it is ok for them to bring in contraband to patient but the worst thing that happens at…...

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...Individuals must remember that effective communication is very important when working in a health care organization especially when it concerns the patient’s care. A good example of this organization would be Magnolia Place Health Care. Patient care are faced with many problems because of the lack of communication, difference in culture, the different genders and the lack to communicate properly with the patients that are being serviced. When this problem occurs, it might even affect the way in which many employees are doing their job in their organization. Magnolia Place Health Care deals with many challenges when it comes to communication; and I will be discussing some of them by explaining how their families, caregivers, managers and co-workers influence the different genders and the different cultures. The Different Genders in females: The Magnolia Place healthcare organization hires both female and males, because their main concern is taking care of their patients and while doing so they will face many problems with communication. Some female employees have a better relationship with their patients, families, managers, and other co-workers because of their communication skills in the Magnolia Place healthcare organization. The majority of females sometimes seem to be more nonverbally expressive, they seem to talk more, they also seem to engage in partnership-building behaviors, and they tell their patients and families more of their personal business than men do......

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