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Jan/1998: Official announcement the merging between Compaq Computer Corporation and Digital Equipment Corporation p g q p p 11/Jun/1998: The approval of the stockholder, the Day-One objective achievement: hi t Over 100,000 employees of the new Compaq were able to access a single email directory via a corporate network that linked it worldwide sites within 60 first minutes of the stockholder vote.



A minicomputers manufacturing 1957

Transferred from computer manufacturing to computing services During 1990s g

Mid of 1980s The world’s secondlargest computer maker

Jun 1998 The third largest provider of corporate computer services with $1.3 billion profits (at the merger time)

Organization and resource: • • In 1997, it had 1,000 sales, production, and service sites all over the world. 70,000 employees (at the merger time)


Established in 1982 as a manufacturing in clone and sell personal computers. Located in Houston with around 20,000 employees, a haft of total, working there. 20 000 employees total there Competitiveness was as a high-volume and low-cost manufacturer, As the growth of market demand on service characteristic The solution was the merger with services companies.


Define the key elements which affected the success of the merger process:

KEY ELEMENTS Information management…...

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