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Barbara W. Evans
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24 June 2016
Comparison on Professional Nursing Journals vs. Non-Professional Magazine Articles
In the following comparison we will see what the characteristics are for each article as well as advantages of reading professional journals compared to the disadvantages of non-professional magazine articles.
The rapidly escalating patient acuity level in today's acute care hospitals and medical settings, demand greater specialization and more advanced clinical nursing skills. Professional nursing journals are an excellent source of continuing education and practical clinical update for nurses. Whereas non-professional magazine articles may not be evidence based and therefore may lead to misinformation. Articles of clinical interest appear to be the most widely read sections.
In the article “Women’s Risk for Heart Disease” there are several characteristics demonstrated. First, the topic is focused and explored in depth discussing coronary heart disease in women giving risk factors and susceptibility. The language in the article is more understandable by the medical community versus the general public in most cases. The poll taken by female readers were generally under the age of fifty. Response included the following information that included age, family history, personal history, hormone status, smokers/non- smokers, exercise, blood pressure issues and blood fats ingested daily. As a whole, the medical community would benefit from the results more than the general public because of the high tech methodology and lingo.
In addition the article was written by nurses in the specific field as well as the article being published by an actual medical school of nursing containing references and a bibliography.
In contrast the non-professional magazine article “Women and Heart Disease” is designed to inform the…...

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