Compass and Torch

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Compass And Torch

The majority of kids are looking up to their mom or dad. They are our role models, a hand to hold when life gets tough, and a shoulder to cry on when you are sad. Nevertheless, what if your mom or your dad is not there. Is it possible that another person can take his or her place? It is a hard question to answer. Some parents just give up on you and they are never coming back. However, some parents wants to make it up to their child again, and that is a hard thing to do. The enthusiasm to be together is there, but the atmosphere between for instance farther and son is strained. How is it to be together with your real father when your mom and dad are divorced, and your mother’s new boyfriend feels like a father to you every other day? The short story “Compass And Torch” written by Elizabeth Baines in 2003 relates to this question.

In the short story, we hear about four people. Our main character is the boy, apart from him we here about his dad, his mom and his mother’s boyfriend Jim. The three most significant persons are the boy, his father and Jim. In spite of the fact that Jim is only his mother’s boyfriend, we have Jim as a very important person in the text, because the boy haven’t seen his real father in four months, and Jim is taking the role as a farther for the boy. “”Yes” said the boy, forcing himself to acknowledge Kim’s kindness and affirmation. But Jim is not his dad”(L.34-35 s. 2) The boy feels it very difficult not to compare his father and Jim.

Our main character, the boy, is very frustrated about the whole father thing, and therefore he wants to do everything as good as possible, when he is together with his real farther. The boy is only eight years old, and needs his dad as a role model.

The boy and his father have not seen each other in four months, and the boy is very suspenseful to be with his father again. He admire…...

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