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'Competitive sport for children at the heart of Olympics legacy' is written and published on August 11th 2012 shortly after the Olympic Games in London, and is an article from the British Prime Minister David Cameron's website. Here we are introduced to the upcoming national curriculum which includes a requirement for the primary schools to provide more competitive sport. In cooperation with the British Olympic Association and British Paralympics Association the aim is to offer all children opportunities to participate in competitive sports activities. The new changes is leading to more commitment from the schools to keep the children interacted with the activities which later is supposed to teach children be more competitive not only in sports but also generally to compare their results and then again aim for their best and achieve more. The Prime Minister David Cameron has made a statement saying that it is about time to stop the 'All must have prizes' culture and that the new national curriculum will help doing that.

In the article 'Competitive sport for children at the heart of Olympics legacy' the British Prime Minister David Cameron is very optimistic of how making competitive sport compulsory in the primary school only will have a helpful outcome and is going to do good for all the children by helping them aim for their best results, but this all good painted picture isn't the most advantageous way to go according to Sir Steve Redgrave. In her article 'Competitive sport is all very well but helping every child reach their potential must be Britain's Olympic legacy' she is very positive and encouraging about children is being introduced to sport in an early age but says it only can have a positive outcome if it isn't portrayed with only winners and losers. She believes that sport should teach children…...

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