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The project ‘LIBRARY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM’ could never have been completed without the immense support that it received.

At the outset, I would like to convey my sincere thanks to Mrs.ganga maa’m, head of computer dept. for referring me to various sources and for invaluable guidance throughout the project and also for being gracious enough to let me use the lab facilities whenever required.



This project is about library management. User can INSERT UPDATE, SEARCH, and DELETE records. User can also view records in the table completely or only for the entered book number.

Main Program 1. Declare variables choice, flag=1,ch. 2. Repeat steps 3 to 11 while flag==1. 3. Call function drawmenu. 4. Enter the choice. 5. if choice is 1,call function D1.register_new_books. 6. else if choice is 2, call function D1.modify_book_details. 7. else if choice is 3, call function D1.delete_book. 8. else if choice is 4, call function D1search_display_book_details. 9. else if choice is 5, call function D1display_list_of_books. 10. else if choice is 6, enter a value for ch(y/n). 11. if choice6 enter the value of choiceagain by giving proper cout statements.

For Function Drawmenu() 1. Print the appropriate heading giving necessary spacing. 2. Print 1.New book registration. 3.1 Modify Book Details
3. Delete book details.
4. search and display book details.
5. Book List.
6. EXIT. 3. enter the choice.

For Structure Book 1. Declare bookcode ,bookrate as type integer. 2. Declare bookname, authorname as type string. 3. Create object S1.…...

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