Con Side of Debate Summary

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Con Side of Debate Summary
Jorge Vega
March 26, 2015
John Kungis

Common Core
“Common Core government agencies will gather and store all sorts of private information on every schoolchild into a longitudinal database from birth through all levels of schooling, plus giving government the right to share and exchange this nosy [sic] information with other government and private agencies, thus negating the federal law that now prohibits that. This is what CC is; a type of surveillance and control of individual.” (Schlafly, 2013)
Con Side of Debate Summary
As a nation, we have trusted our government to make changes to the citizens voting rights. Where is that now how much does our vote really count? In this case Common Core was not introduce to the public schools to vote as a standard curriculum. Meaning of common core is control of the school curriculum, i.e. control by Obama administration bureaucrats. Curriculum decisions will be replaced by the Federal curriculum decisions by state and local school boards, state legislatures, parents and even Congress because Obama bypassed congress by using $4 billion of Stimulus money to promote CC. I believe that this structure is all about the money, not about having the correct tools for teaching, instructing, and guiding the student. Currently, each state sets its own standards. This has led to a nation with 50 sets of inconsistent standards, even though the expectations of colleges and employers in math and English are nearly universal and are not bound by state lines.
(Common Core State Standards Initiative) Since the release of the Common Core State Standards in 2010, numerous groups, including the Council of Chief State School Officers (CCSSO), the National Governors Association Center for Best Practices (NGA Center), and the lead writers of the standards, have developed resources and supporting materials…...

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