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Consultant Report: Pheonix Jewellers


April 7, 2015

Table of Contents Introduction 3 Background 3 Analysis 3 Target Market 3 Competition 4 Consumer Satisfaction 5 Business Environment 6 Social Environment 6 Physical Environment 7 SWOT Analysis 7 Recommendations 8 Conclusion 9 Appendix A 10 Appendix B 12 Appendix C 13 Appendix D 14 Appendix E 15

Introduction This report will analyze the local retail establishment; Phoenix Jewellers, in order to assess their capacity to effectively use the principles of consumer behaviour to maximize their business potential. The many aspects of their business will be analyzed including their target market, consumer satisfaction and competition as well as their business, social and physical environment. Conclusions and recommendations will be made to enhance the future profitability of Phoenix jewellers.
Phoenix Jewellers is a local retail establishment positioned in a plaza, surrounded by many other flourishing businesses of many varieties. Recently celebrating their ten-year anniversary, Phoenix takes pride in their personalized and friendly service whilst offering a variety of products necessary to meet the varying budget and taste needs of the consumer. We conducted an interview with Erin Parker, the store manager, to gain an insight on their business behaviours. A brief interview of the employees and consumers was also conducted to further our analysis.
Target Market In order for Phoenix to successfully develop a marketing strategy, they must segment the mass market to determine their target market. Using demographics and psychographics, Phoenix has segmented their market by the age and lifestyle of their consumers, specifically those between the ages of 25 and 50. Based on our observations and the information gathered from employees, the gender…...

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