Convenience of Technological Entertainment

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Convenience of Technological Entertainment
As I think back on my childhood, one memory seems to be constant—my dad as he dusted off vinyl records. Gently, he would unsheathe them from their delicate sleeves. In the same room I would sit and sift through Nintendo video game boxes and relive each monumental triumph as I read the game titles on the cartridges. I couldn’t help but smile. The conveniently placed game console meant instant gratification, and through today’s technologies, similar consoles continue to mean the same thing. Technological entertainment and its convenience factor are major heartbeats in today’s civilization.
But there will be a time when these sensations mean nothing. There will be an entire generation with new “things” to obsess about. Maybe they won’t be “things” at all. Maybe they won’t care about past generations’ obsessions with video games and electronic media. Maybe that’s a good thing. Maybe we need to ditch the concept of “instant gratification” and appreciate other types of entertainment.
Once upon a time, we valued our entertainment—we would fall in love it. We appreciated and respected media, and we sought out quality in entertainment and beyond. We would absorb live performances and go to the single theater in town. We used to spend quiet evenings playing parlor games with the family, and we considered that genuine entertainment. But for better or worse, we became fans of things, of objects. I wonder if that is about to become a thing of the past.
My dad still listens to vinyl. My brother still invests in Blu-ray copies of his favorite movies. Instead of purchasing a kindle, I spend hard earned money on my wife’s tangible books because she prefers the feel and texture of the printed page. When most of us think of video games we think of something that comes in a box, which we…...

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