Courtroom Participants’ Professional Standards

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Courtroom Participants’ Professional Standards

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When entering a courtroom the main common goal is to have a guilty or not guilty verdict. While being in the courtroom you can come across some participant that are in misconduct, which can have a serious consequence. Courtroom misconduct can go any where from making improper remarks or improperly introducing evidence designed to prejudice the jury. Prosecutorial misconduct violates court rules or ethical standards of law practice. Hiding, destroying or tampering with evidence, can also have serious consequence, which is taken very seriously in the courtrooms. If the prosecutorial fails to disclose evidence that might tend to exonerate the defendant, threatening, badgering or tampering with witness can also, lead to jail time. Acting in these action can lead to them being disbarred and fined. The due process control model and the crime control model in evaluating the judicial process. Prosecutors have a big responsibility within the criminal justice system. They act as the legal representatives of the government when cases are filed against people who violated the law. It is essential for prosecutors to ensure that the evidence is sufficient before they bring the case to the court. The standards set by Strickland v. Washington will also be clarified by describing it and its effect on courtroom cases. These guidelines and procedures cover rules in handling evidence, code of ethics, and the rules of the local court. They should also guarantee an impartial hearing for the suspect or the person charged with a crime. Standard guidelines and procedures determine the demeanor of a prosecutor during the case. Prosecutorial misconduct will be committed if the prosecutor does not follow these guidelines and procedures. When prosecutors may not be able to show evidence that may…...

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