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1. Make a list of five specific HR problems you think Carter Cleaning will have to grapple with.

• Sexual Harassment

• Non-trained staff

• Poor Manager

• Probably Law suit

• Low job performance

2. What would you do first if you were Jennifer?

• Review the finances to see how the businesses are doing. Then meet with management and the staff.

1. Is it true, as Jack Carter claims that “we can’t be accused of being discriminatory because we hire mostly women and minorities anyway? Yes, he did not see anything wrong on the way he staff his manager at his store.

2. How should Jennifer and her company address the sexual harassment charges and problems? Investigate with both of the women who confront Jennifer with the claim and the managers.

3. How should she and her company address the possible problems of age discriminative? To review everyone salary that’s does that participle job. If the fact that the gentlemen find it true, then salary adjustment should be done immediately. If not, if he can prove it Carter Cleaning can be sued.

4. Given the fact that each of its stores has only a handful of employees, is her company fact covered by equal rights legislation? Yes, there seven employees in each store.

5. And finally, aside from the specific problems, what other personnel management matters (application forms, training, and so on) have to be reviewed given the need to bring them into compliance with equal right laws? Carter cleaning employees has lack knowledge of the job and respect of the staff. Training is needed to get the company on…...

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...test. This test can be performed by using a spirometer to measure lung function. Other tests that the healthcare provider may order are chest x-rays, blood test, and sputum culture. In the early stages, these tests may be normal. However, as the symptoms progress, blood test may reveal more red blood cells than normal or too much carbon dioxide is staying in the body. If the patient is young or a nonsmoker and have symptoms of emphysema, the healthcare provider will do a blood test to check the level of alpha-1 antitrypsin. The only surefire way to identify COPD and emphysema is a CT scan. This diagnostic test is expensive, and the insurance company may require pre-authorization. But while early diagnosis is crucial, it rarely takes place (Cray, Ellin, Lemonick pg. 40-41). Whorwell3 There is no cure for emphysema and the damage to the lungs form COPD cannot be reversed. The treatment options are to relieve the symptoms, treat infections when they occur, and prevent complications. The most important treatment is to stop smoking. The healthcare provider can offer several types of cessation programs to assist the patient. They include nicotine patches and gum, medications, and support groups. Inhaled therapies can also help relieve the symptoms of COPD and emphysema. These may include steroids and bronchodilators. The medications can be in pill or liquid form, and some need to be used with a nebulizer machine. Breathing exercises, walking, or riding a bike may be part of......

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