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At Emerson Elementary School We Care!
Students have a wide variety of technology tools integrated into their curriculum. All students with any ability will have a chance to succeed with our new software programs and computer lab.

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Emerson Elementary School

Technology Department

Acceptable Use Policy Brochure

Emerson Elementary School

Technology Department

Inside this brochure you will find all your answers to…

• Acceptable Use
• Copyright Law
• Fair Use
• Computer Hoaxes

For more information please contact:
Kenny DeMoss at
Technology Coordinator
Emerson School

Emerson Elementary School

Infringement on copyrighted material, whether prose, graphic images, music, audio tape, video or computer materials, is a serious offense of federal law and contrary to the ethical standards of employees and students alike. (1)

Violations of copyright laws can result in criminal or civil suits. It is therefore required that all reproduction of copyrighted material be done strictly in accordance with applicable law. Unless otherwise allowed as “fair use” by federal law, permission must be obtained from the copyright owner prior to reproduction of material in any form. Fair use is based upon the following: ▪ the purpose and character of the use, ▪ the nature of the copyrighted work, ▪ the amount of and substantially of the portion used, and ▪ the affect of the use upon the potential market for, or value of, the copyrighted work. (1)

Any inaccurate statement or story spread through the use of computers will not be tolerated. The use of digital manipulation on photographs with the…...

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