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Describe how Marks & Spencer uses promotional mix? * purpose and objectives of promotion mix * need to support desired corporate image

Now that the customers of Marks &Spencer have become more knowledgeable and trend conscious, they are likely to choose the products after exploring all the alternatives. This means that the retailers of garment products will have to spend a lot of time on their marketing efforts so they approach people most importantly the right people. Marks & Spencer’s now allocate a big portion of their marketing into promotional strategies. This was necessary step to take to make sure the image of the brand is still live.
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The promotion Marks & Spencer products is carried out via all the market mediums;
They advertise their products on television, normally it’s very catchy and interesting to watch. The advertise their products on internet and social media. They make sure that their ads on newspaper are on the noticeble page and appropriate words are used to get reader’s attention. They have fashion magazines of their lastest trends and style. Marks and Spencers advertise via broachers for example 2011.

* Advertising is used to inform customers about the brand * Business pays for advertising * How do customers interact /respond to the product? * What way do businesses advertise? *
Wide coverage
Control of message being promoted
Repetition means that the message can be communicated effectively
Can be used to build brand loyalty

Often expensive
One way communication
Lacks flexibility
Limited ability to close a sale

Public Relations and Sponsorship * Information about a company product or event which will attract public…...

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