Current Trends in Business Communication

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Current Trends in Business communication

Current Trends in Business communication
Communication is key in every aspect of life, whether it be with our spouse, partner, kids, parents, friends, or co-workers. But, in the world of business, communication plays a vital role in its everyday life. “Communication is the way people get their point across and their work done (Locker & Kenzler 2008).” If a business does not have effective communication then the business will end up losing thousands, millions or even billions of dollars. The lack of communication will also cause production to decrease and wasted time. In essence, without communication a business cannot run smoothly.
In every business no matter how small or how big, communication is essential to be successful. Currently working for the State of California communication is important in completing your day to day tasks. Working in an accounting office communication is of the utmost importance because you are dealing with someone’s money. We constantly have to keep vendors happy and supply them with payment status. Constant communication with the fiscal analysis unit is needed at all times in order to ensure the proper department is charged for specific items purchased. Certain businesses have priority in getting paid and if communication lacks then they don’t get paid on time, which can cost the State of California anywhere from one dollar to thousands of dollars. My job description is basically to pay specific bills for the agency in a timely manner. If I didn’t have communication between other employees’ within the agency the bills would not get paid. If the bills do not get paid I’d have to answer to the vendors who are awaiting payment along with my supervisor. Without proper communication I would constantly be on the phone telling vendors why they aren’t getting paid and not be able to resolve…...

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