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PART 1: - Describe the Role Internet Marketing has within a modern marketing context: - You need to consider the broad role of marketing in meeting customer needs. Explain how an Internet presence’ can help a business give a better service. You should describe how the marketing activities of different businesses have incorporated Internet Marketing, E.g. ways in which the Internet provides opportunities for producer-consumer dialogue, research and relationship building.

PART 2: P2 Describe how selected organisations use Internet marketing:

Using three selected organisations of your choice (private sector, public sector, charity/voluntary sector), describe how these organisations have applied Internet marketing to their businesses. You should describe how the marketing activities of different businesses can differ and how they can be similar. Discuss the ways in which the Internet provides opportunities for producer-consumer dialogue, segmenting, targeting, research and relationship building.

PART 3: Explain the benefits to customers of a business using Internet marketing

Building on your research and investigations so far in your work as an assistant to the Economic Development Officer, identify and explain the key benefits of Internet marketing to customers and consumers.



Analyse the benefits of internet marketing to customers

To analyse the benefits to customers you must give full details about each marketing feature and explain the ways in which customers gain; product comparisons, ease of use, greater freedom of choice, dynamic pricing. You need to analyse how businesses pass on benefits to customers by using on-line marketing techniques.

Evaluate the effectiveness of internet marketing in meeting customer needs for a selected business

You should review the…...

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...Distinction level, the evidence must show that, in addition to the Pass and Merit criteria, the learner is able to: D1 evaluate how personal learning and development may benefit others D2 evaluate own development over the duration of the programme ASSESSMENT TASKS Task 1 (relevant criteria P1, M1, D1) Hand-in date: At the beginning of the course you need to think about what the key influences on learning are. There are various theories of learning which you need to explain eg Honey and Mumford, Kolb. For Task l you need to • write a short explanation of 2 theories about how we learn (not more than 300 words) (P1) • write an explanation of how some of the following different influences can affect the ability to learn successfully (P1) - previous learning and experiences - specific learning needs - formal versus informal learning - learning style - time - learning environment - access to resources - attitude and self discipline - aspirations and motivation - priorities in life - health - responsibilities - relationships - others as appropriate • Write an analysis of how your own learning has been influenced by these factors (M1) • Write an evaluation of how your own learning and development may benefit other people (D1) Unit Content for Task 1 1. Understand the learning process Theories of learning: eg Honey......

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