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Go That Extra Mile

By Todd Layt

Having hired many landscape maintenance companies, and ‘lawn mowing’ contractors, I know what it is like to be on the other side. I would pay extra for extras, but why is it so hard to get anyone to do them. Doing extras will not only make your customers happy, but it can earn you a lot more income. How many times have I asked a lawn mowing company to get rid of weeds or move things only to be told I just mow lawns. Get a gardener if you want that. To me, that is a red flag and time to try someone else. I do not want to be following a lawn mowing contractor around moving things for him so he can mow. This is how your customers feel if you are just a lawn mower. For those who are happy to do a little more, think of this as an opportunity to take work from the ‘just a lawn mower’. Even if you are ‘just a lawn mower,’ there are ways to get things done without doing them. Read on.
72 Landscape Manager

It’s The Little Extras That Make A Good Landscape Maintenance Company.
Why would you want to do more than mowing? Firstly, it gives you more opportunities to do more work in winter. It also allows you to charge more for those extras and make more money. Most importantly however, it makes your customers happier. If you are a larger company, it can get you more work. Like anything, doing extras can benefit from planning. Now, if you want to be ‘just a lawn mower,’ then plan to make this possible without getting under your customers’ skin. To be just a lawn mower, you will at least need to move things around to mow correctly. For example, move that hose or trampoline. However, the extras can be done by others, and you can still make money out of it. Organise a weed control company if you do not like chemicals and charge a little on top. That…...

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