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6 StepS to prevent a Data Breach

For companies that have critical information assets such as customer data, intellectual property, trade secrets, and proprietary corporate data, the risk of a data breach is now higher than ever before. To monitor and protect information from hackers, malicious and well-meaning insiders, organizations should select solutions based on an operational model for security that is risk-based and content-aware. Here are six steps that any organization can take, using proven solutions to significantly reduce the risk of a data breach.


Stop incurSion By targeteD attackS
The top four means of hacker incursion into a company’s network are through exploiting system vulnerabilities, default password violations, SQL injections, and targeted malware attacks. To prevent incursions, it is necessary to shut down each of these avenues into the organization’s information assets. Core systems protection, IT compliance controls assessment automation, and endpoint management, in addition to endpoint, Web, and messaging security solutions, should be combined to stop targeted attacks.

iDentify threatS By correlating real-time alertS with gloBal intelligence
To help identify and respond to the threat of a targeted attack, security information and event management systems can flag suspicious network activity for investigation. The value of such real-time alerts is much greater when the information they provide can be correlated in real time with current research and analysis of the worldwide threat environment.

proactively protect information
In today’s connected world, it is no longer enough to defend the perimeter. Now you must accurately identify and proactively protect your most sensitive information wherever it is stored, sent, or used. By enforcing unified data protection policies across servers, networks,…...

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