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“STUCO Is My Life” My sophomore year of high school was coming to an end. I kept thinking, I had to do something exciting my junior year, or at least get involved. I started hearing about this leadership club, Student Council. Instead of just joining the club, I wanted to be a part of the inside activities and the class. I went in for my interview, and was accepted for a spot in the class the next year. I had come to realize that Student Council was a student-lead organization in which we strived for excellence in not only academics, but creating relationships, showing pride in the school we attend, and learning leadership skills, while also seeking little guidance from our advisors. We learned valuable lessons, while participating in a variety of committees such as Community Service, Environment & Energy, and many others. This organization is one of the communities that I’ve been a consistent member of at James Bowie High School. We value leadership, teamwork, and academics which can be used in real life situations. Student Council is significant to me because it helped me become optimistic and challenged me to do better in life. I am an accepted member of Student Council. When joining STUCO, which is short terminology for Student Council, I had to learn all types of communication, such as mastering what we like to call “The STUCO Clap”. The STUCO Clap was a chant or more so a beat, that everybody in the class had to participate in. Starting off as a newbie, I had no idea what I was doing. I was always off beat, missing a step, or even saying the wrong words. I wanted to be able to master this skill and be good at it, so I could show and help those who would be joining the class next year. I would always practice whenever I got home. After about three to four weeks, I finally was able to do the clap without stumbling…...

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