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FINC 6016 Financial Instruments and Markets

Final Exam Guide

* The final exam for FINC6016 Financial Instruments and Markets will be held on Thursday, November 13, 2014 at 1:50 pm. Please check the location for your specific exam on the Sydney Student section of the University of Sydney website. Note that there are multiple venues for the final exam due to the large class size – you may not have the same room as other students in the class. * The final exam is worth 50% of your total mark for the course. It will last for three hours, plus ten minutes reading time. You are allowed a non-alphanumeric calculator for the exam (which will be checked). Please ensure that you bring your student ID card as well. The formula sheet you will receive is attached to the end of the exam. * The exam consists of two parts * Part A: 45 Multiple Choice Questions, worth a total of 15 marks. These questions cover material from later portion of semester only (since the second multiple choice mid-term examination), but there will be obvious benefits to understanding material from earlier in the course.. * Part B: 5 short-answer questions with multiple parts, worth a total of 35 marks. These cover material mainly from the second half of the course, but an understanding of some parts of the first half of the subject would help (particularly the management of financial institutions, capital accords and the problems with Basel II, and duration gaps, duration measurement, and understanding how short-term financing affects institutions engaged in long-term lending). * To focus your study, please ensure that you have covered at least the following issues and material: * Short-term debt, medium to long-term debt. Please explore in detail the sections on Trade Credit in the lecture notes, as well as leasing, bond pricing, P-notes, Bank Accepted…...

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