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Nowadays our society has enjoyed the benefits of having modern technology.It is used like a daily tool for our lives.We also use it in business and security as well.However,this offen comes with unforseen problem.To my mine,modern technology is a bane than a boon although I’m actually addicted to it.
We cannot deny that the technological improvement brings to us some advantages.Firstly,it helps people community local or oversea together by writing email,telephone or mobile.For instance,a student who is studying abroad can talk to his family by chatting and webcam rather than hand writing-letters.Secondly,the modern technology also support businessmans and students.It makes better condition to complete the tasks faster and more convenient.For example,a student spend less time to searching informations and documents by clicking mouse on google instead of reading book.A businessman can deal with his job by using laptop and internet whereas he can still enjoy holiday with his family comfortably.That is a reason why the interner has spread all over the world.
Follow the statistic of Internet World Stats that has 2,267,233,742 internet users. Most of them are Asia people with 1,016,799,076 users and also is the most popular as well.Indices of interner user has been increasing non-stop.
Nevertheless,the more advanced technology becomes not only does it provide benefits but there maybe hazards as a result of this development.It’s internet that provides people (especially student and teenager) bad knowledge such as pornography,crime and so on.The teenagers who are not conscious enough easily imate the sexual and violence clip or images on the internet.A typical example of this is massacre at Columbine High School.Two students embarked on shooting spree in which a total of 12 students and one teacher were murdered because they were suspected that is in addiction to the…...

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