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Debate Paper
MBA 5600 Human Resource Management

Debate Paper
Introductory Statement & Overview of position
Controversial Position The controversial position of Scott’s organization, can tell employees what to do on the companies times and property and an employee’s own time.
Traditional Position Companies have the right to tell employees what to do on company’s time and property, but at home employees can do what they want. As Jim Lowe “started each day with two doughnuts. Lunch was pair of Whoppers and fries. Nighttime involved a bag of chips, a couch, and a clicker”(Conlin, 2007).
My Position My overview position is traditional position I believe that Organizational or Companies have the right tell employees what do on company’s time but at employees can do what they wish at the privacy of their own home.
Argument # 1
Controversial Argument Corporations find new ways to save money, as Scotts Miracle-Gro Co. and other organization are banning employees from smoking, regardless of whether it is done on company or personal time. Scotts believes if you work of us you are band from certain things.
Traditional Position Rebuttal Some times in a job you must bring your work home; organizations are saying you must bring their rules and regulation home. Many organizations such as Scotts is trying to control people personal life outside of work. Such organization that help employees outside of work as NWI(National Work Rights Institute), is protecting employees and their rights at home. It should not matter if you work for a certain company, employees have rights. If an organization keeps over stepping their employee’s right they eventually going to run into lawsuit which will cost the organization money and people will not want to work at that company.
Controversial position Argument A “private business, large or small can legally…...

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