Deforestation in Indonesia and Philippines

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Deforestation in Indonesia and Philippines

Deforestation has been a major issue on the global agenda for over 20

years. This problem has effected people, government and business around

the world. The purpose of this essay is to compare the deforestation in two

Asian countries which are Indonesia and Philippines. It looks at the

incidences of the deforestation, the main causes and some government

policies in these two countries.

Deforestation is a major issue in Indonesia and it is getting worse rapidly.

The loss of primary forest is increasing by an average of 47,600 hectares

every year. According to a paper published in the June 29th edition of the

journal Nature Climate Change, Indonesia has now overtaken Brazil as the

country with the highest rate of annual loss in primary forest in the world

(R.C., 2014). It was found that the Indonesia rapidly lost 840,000 hectares

of the forest (Hellmann, 2014). Indonesia. The huge destructions that cause

the lost to Indonesia rainforests is the carbon-rich peatlands for palm oil

and paper threatens. Peatlands store huge amount of carbon and

Indonesia's peatlands are vast. It stores around 35 billion tonnes of carbon.

This is the major reason why Indonesia is also one of the world's largest

emitters of climate changing greenhouse gases. Moreover, huge amount of

carbon dioxide are being released from deforestation on peat soils.

Seventeen out of sixty six percent of all climate change emissions came

from the plantations on peat soils (Cronin, 2010). Forest loss is also due to

the production of palm oil. As oil palm grows best where rainforests occur,

more rainforests in Indonesia are being cleared to meet the increasing

demand. Clearing rainforests has resulted in direct problem that affect

wildlife such as rhinos, elephants,…...

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