Delight Dairy Company

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Delight Dairy Company

Executive Summary

The Delight Dairy Company produces two product lines, ice cream and specialty products such as ice cream sandwiches and prepackaged ice cream. The management would like to optimize production to aid in the highest profitability. The two product lines ice cream and specialties utilize the same machine for ice cream processing as well as a shared work force of 150 man hours per week. Each product line utilizes a product specific packaging machines. One thousand gallons of ice cream is sold for $900 and specialties are sold for $1,500.

Calculations & Statistical Analysis

1. Choose the unknowns.
|X1 = Ice Cream |
|X2 = Specialties |
|2. Write the objective function. |
|f( x, y) = 900X1 + 1500X2 |
|3. Write the constraints as a system of inequalities |
| |Product | | |
| |X1 = Ice Cream |X2 = Specialties |X3 = Labor Time |
|Machine |2 |1 |40 |
|Packaging Line |1 |1 |40 |
|Labor (hours) |3 |6 |150 |

As the numbers of products are natural numbers, there are two more constraints.
|X1 ≥ 0 |
|X2 ≥ 0 |
|4. Find the set of feasible solutions that graphically represent the constraints. | | | | |

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