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1. Does Marketing Create or Satisfy Needs?

For the major part, the nature of marketing usually plays both parts in creating the needs and also in satisfying the needs of consumers. In case the consumers are not aware of the product it does create the need and provides the exposure to explore the product. In other cases the consumer sees the deals of the product that they are planning to purchase through marketing and satisfy the needs of the consumer. So, usually the marketing takes everything into consideration i.e. the human aspects and the behavior and try to meet those demands. For example, if you consider the advertisement regarding the I-phone, they seem very tempting to everyone. Also, lots of people uses it and this creates the need for some people but also some people need this for the job or work they do and definitely satisfy the need of the consumer too.
A good mission statement is used by a company to explain themselves to the consumers so that they trust in them and their products. Mission statement is for the company to incorporate in their doing and then to follow it strictly to achieve the values they provide to the consumers. Mission statement definitely helps the company excel when they follow it and brings lots of discipline and recognition in the market. It also serves as the foundation of the firm or the company that everyone can follow. Some of the brands are the Samsung phones, Apple products, Levis, the ESPN, cars and Nike…...

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