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Group Project (25%)

The aim of this group project is to propose a solution for a selected government or private agency based on the Public Sector ICT Strategic Plan (PSISP) 2011-2015 developed by the Malaysian Administrative Modernization and Management Planning Unit. Each group is to choose one government or private agency and propose a systems solution for the agency that is inline with its strategic objectives, scope of responsibility and services. The proposed system must also be based on the PSISP 2011-2015 either as an Online Service, Paperless Initiative or Back Office Application. Students are to refer to the PSISP documents (book and slides) available at the course repository site in order to provide details that show the proposed system is inline with the issues raised in the PSISP.

The deliverables of this project is a proposal, a report and group presentation:

1. Proposal (3%) (Due on or before 05th July, 2012)

- Selected Agency
- Problem statement

2. Project Report (12%)(Due on or before 19th July, 2012)

The report should provide details of the proposed system with the following elements:

- Title
(The title of the report should state the name of the agency together with phrases that indicate the nature of the proposed system. For example : “Getting input for weather forecasting : a proposed online application for the Malaysian Meteorological Department”.)



-Literature Review (ICT strategy of other countries, brief information on Malaysia’s PSISP)

-Background of selected agency

-Problem statement (the chosen present situation of the agency which the proposed system is going to address)

-Proposed solution (description of the proposed solution, implementation process and related implications/changes expected)


-Appendix : Financial costing (budget for the…...

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