Determining Your Perfect Position

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Determining Your Perfect Position


Robyn Dugger


Leo Maganares

To all employees, Lamb Weston is going to be going through major changes with the shutting down of the production side and increasing the shipping and receiving side. Due to this big change, there will be a new position created. Robyn Dugger will be coming from the corporate office to take on the position of Administrative Assistant II. Robyn has a lot of experience in warehousing and will be a great asset to the Warehouse Department.
Leadership Style Robyn’s leadership style is more participative. She believes that everyone should work together in order to solve problems. This leadership will be perfect for the team dynamics that the warehouse is currently in. Since just a couple of months ago the production side shut down and 250 people laid off getting the workers involved will help them feel as they are part of a team again. This style of leadership allows employees to come up with ideas of how they think things should do. Ultimately Robyn will make the final decision, she likes to discuss all pros and cons before making the final decision. While it is not necessary to always consult with others, there are advantages in soliciting subordinates advice, namely better decisions and greater acceptance of decisions (Yukl, 2010).
Robyn’s strengths are that she includes all employees that all involved in the department when completing projects. This is especially great since there are only 25 employees and they all work on one shift. She likes to set goal for the employees and recognize them for there achievements. Robyn is very goal oriented and does what he can so the department can achieve their goals and also the employees. Using this leadership style helps builds team moral since Robyn will be the one that tasks all…...

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