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Introduction to the Developing Professional Practice Assessment Pack

This pack contains all the information you need in order to show that you meet the learning outcomes for this unit. Here, you will find:

- Details on how the unit is assessed - Instructions for the assessment activities (AAs)

1.1 Completing the Assessment activities

When completing your assessment activities, you may find it helpful to refer to the list of assessment criteria to ensure you are including all the relevant ideas upon which you will be assessed.

1.2 Word counts

Word counts are specified for each assessment. You are allowed +/- 10% but any assessments which go below or above these limits will be returned, unmarked and you will need to re-submit them.

1.3 Submitting your work

When you have completed the assessment activities, you should submit the document(s) via email to your facilitator.

Unless instructed to do otherwise, you should complete the assessment activities and submit them as a single document, using the template provided. Where you are asked to complete a non-text based activity (e.g. a PowerPoint presentation) you should submit this as a separate document.

The file name should be as follows:

e.g. for this unit JAndersonDPPAssessment

Assessment of the Unit

The learning outcomes for this unit are assessed in the following ways:

1) Completion of the assessment activities in this pack 2) Attendance & contribution at the workshop event(s) 3) Completion of Participant Pack for this unit

The following table explains how the learning outcomes for this unit will be assessed, and uses the following codes:

PP – Participant Pack ‘Exercise your Brain’ number 3 etc.
IHR – IHR/ Work Based Report
AA1 – Assessment Activity 1

|Learning Outcome |Assessment Criteria…...

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