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26 August 2015 Amelia­
First we looked and decided on final two banks to research intrest rates, I also made a final decision on our house and listed typed up our Pro’s and Con’s, lastly I looked at floating and fixed rate and wrote a draft of our comparison.

Bridgid Today we choose our house and the two banks we will investigate for floating and fixed rates. We choose 38 Campbell street which was a hard decision after comparing it to other houses. We choose BNZ and ANZ for our banks. 27 August 2015 Amelia We looked at mortgage rates and started to type up our information in full. Bridgid Today we started looking up our mortgage rates. We didn't do anything anything else. 31 August 2015 Bridgid We filed our pros and cons, mortgage rates and choosing of banks and houses. We also started to work on our renovating. Amelia
Today we finished all steps leading up to our renovation, we made a choice on which bank we would go with and also typed up our Pro’s and Con’s.

1 September 2015

Today we finished adding up the prices for our renovation items. This lead us to look at working out which item we would put on hire purchase and how we could work it out. Bridgid We finished getting our items for renovating our lounge. That was all we did for the lesson. 2 September 2015

Today I looked at the getting sorted website to see how much the TV would cost on hire purchase.

Bridgid Today Amelia figure out our hire purchase which is a TV and I found out how much money we have left over from our nest egg which left us with quite a lot to still spend and save.

4 September 2015 Bridged Amelia was sick today so i started looking at our budget but then decided…...

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