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According to the Oxford Dictionary, greed is defined as an excessive desire to acquire or possess more than what one needs or deserves especially with respect to material wealth. The story Paper by Catherine Lim explores the greed towards easy money making and how it leads city people to a tragic result. Firstly, greed is revealed through the story’s protagonist, Tay Soon, as his attentiveness is only in regards to his aspiration to having a modern house. Lim states, “Once the notion of a big beautiful house had lodged itself in his imagination, Tay Soon nurtured it until it became the consuming passion of his life” (Lim, 75). Tay Soon’s desire is to buy a well managed home with perfections. His eagerness to invest in the house is his center of attention. Tay’s enthusiasm is so great that it is the only captivating joy and happiness of his life. He will do anything it takes in order to own his dream house. Secondly, self-indulgence is demonstrated in Tay’s excessive greed towards money hoarding. Tay Soon does not have enough money saved in the bank in order to manage his dream house monthly over a period of years. His plan is to invest and gain his money in the stock market. At that time, Tay is attracted to the stock market because share price is rising. He further is excited towards the share and invests more money. But unfortunately, the value of shares begins to fall rapidly. There is not any device to control the declining. The lost of all his money drowns him in despair and distress. Lim states, “The pain bit into his very mind and soul, so that he was like a madman, unable to go to his office to work, unable to do anything but haunt the broking houses, watching with frenzied anxiety for OHTE and West Parkes to show him hope” (Lim, 79). Tay has lost all of his money because of his excessive greed. His hope of building a modern house is broken into pieces. He…...

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