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1. Do we wear masks? How is it either good or bad depending upon the circumstances?

Yes in certain cases we do wear masks. It could be used in a good or bad way. You could be covering an assortment of different situations. In some cases it could be something sensitive or it could be hiding something deceitful. I believe everyone has worn some type of mask. 2. Comment on the following: “Martin Luther King, Jr. was right: We can overcome, despite adversity, the trend toward mediocrity, and the temptation to rationalize our weaknesses. You simply cannot keep a good person down.”

No matter what kind of scenario a good person is faced with they will pull through. It is likely they are a good person because they’ve already experienced tough times and know how to deal with them now. They know that no matter what nothing will keep them down. They have the want and desire to handle any situation. Sometimes it takes a person going through a tough time to realize what they’re really made of. 3. How do you rate yourself as a risk taker? How well do you handle change?

I would say I’m in the middle on risk taking. I’ve always taken a cautious approach. In some cases I’ve gone about it different but for the most part it’s been cautious. I can deal well with change. I have been able to adapt to any environment and become accustomed to the change.

4. After reviewing your responses to the Life Events Stress Test from last week, briefly describe three major causes of stress in your life. Tell how you plan to minimize or eliminate these stressors

I believe work is my major cause of stress. It is what consumes most of my time and energy. School is my secondary, it too involves a great deal of time and energy. Personal life is my third, I believe I worry too much about my future. My plan to eliminate these stresses is to one, realize that these are necessary…...

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