Do You Agree or Disagree with the Following Statement? Telephones and Email Have Made Communication Between People Less Personal.

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Nowadays, People love using telephones and email to communicate with others. It cause that people are less personal now. Why the use of telephones and email makes people less personal? Communicating become easily, the expression of body language has forgotten and the working habit are the reasons.

The ease of communication that the telephones and email provide is the one reason. If one people miss someone, due to the improvement of technology, he can just call up to him instead of meeting with him. However, they do not realize that communicating through email and telephones will weaken the relationship between them.

Moreover, if communicating with others without using face-to-face communication, people cannot feel the emotion of others by seeing their body language. The sound in telephones and sentences in email cannot express the emotion clearly. The body language and tone can express emotion more obviously so that it will make the distance of people become farther and farther away.

Furthermore, when people use telephones and email to converse with others, they are unconscious to become stereotyped even thought face to parents. Usually officers contact with their superiors through email and telephones on about reports or work. For a long time, officers will always use formal language to communicate with others no matter whether they are superiors. People are becoming less personal.

In conclusion, the reasons that make people less personal are communicating conveniently, the effect of gestures has unremembered and the custom of job. Thus in suggestion, expect on the working time, people should use sparingly the telephones and email to communicate with…...

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