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October 30, 2015 Arguments in regard of John Brown NO
John Brown was an ardent abolitionist who felt that it was his sacred duty to end slavery. He strongly believed that slavery can only be ended using a violent way of actions. In 1856, he along with his sons, used machetes and broad swords to murder pro-slavery men to death at Pottowattami Creek. They dragged unarmed men and sons to the streets and killed them. On October 1859, Brown and twenty-one followers seized the federal arsenal at Harpers Ferry, Virginia. Their intent was to take rifles and start massive insurrection of slavery and eventually spread it among the nation. However, when the raid started not a lot of people were willing to join the rebellion so Brown led a small army of 18 men. Brown didn’t even know what is the next step and didn’t have any escape road, he literally led his men including his four sons to a death road. Brown’s main intent was to seize slaves for the rebellion, although he denied it. John Brown was seen as a terrorist and his violent actions led to the American Civil War. Even though his believes proclaimed a righteous intent his actions were not supporting such way of thinking. He killed lots of men and was going to keep doing so until all four million slaves are going to be freed. But that could not have happened because people couldn't set their minds and couldn't believe that white men is equal to black. This believe was counted as insane and John brown was considered as crazy and violent man. Although there were other rebellions against slavery before and after but none of them were so violet and cruel. John Brown chose the worst way to reach his goals and failed because he was unprepared for any actions against him. He was trapped and found guilty in every single court of the US later he was executed or exactly hanged. Therefore, John Brown…...

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