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In every corps there are older members that spend their time telling false tales about how scary tour is, but one thing they never lie about is hitting a wall.
A wall has many varying long and short term affects on a person. When first faced with one most rookies get extremely discouraged and go home. However the ones that stay and try to push through don't have it any better. The rookies that stay have to deal with different issues from tour including their wall. All of the different affects of a wall wear down on people although in the end that person has to fight it or go home.
Anyone who has ever hit a wall says that crashing is the easily part but overcoming it is the real mountain to climb. The base to overcoming it is being surrounded by really supportive people. Having a good staff and corps to be around is one of the best support groups to have, because no one else knows exactly what it's like. In the end the only person who can make the final push is the person facing the way. Finally getting through it is a huge accomplishment because it is something that, that in the end did on their own.
Facing a wall is like facing your worst demons. Stories from veterans and alumni make it seem almost impossible to do. Even with all the different affects a wall has on everyone. A way to push through is best found with staff and fellow corps members, and especially by one pushing themselves. In the end triumphing over any wall is the best thing anyone can do.…...

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