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the spirit of Bibi Chen, a SanFranscisco socialite, narrates the story of her twelve friends during their vacation and disappearance in China and Burma. Bibi's sudden death, prior to the scheduled vacation, gives her "The Mind of Others", a Buddhist term meaning she can hear others true thoughts and feelings. This new ability allows the readers insight into the raw emotions of the twelve friends. As one gets acquainted with each character the very real truth of human emotion and basic need is exposed.
To reflect upon the opening quote, it is within human nature to use illusion to survive. We see what we need to see in order to make it acceptable. The twelve tourists display this when visiting China's Stone Bell Temple. They are oblivious to the beauty, history and the dangerous laws protecting the sacred land. All they see is a playground in which they act accordingly.
They want to enjoy themselves, live out their modern dreams of what they feel a vacation consists of, while at the same time trampling on the traditions and concerns of the inhabitants of the land. When told they had been cursed, it is humorous to them. It is in the refusal to believe in something unknown to them that bring them on a path of turmoil.
As tradition dictates, it is in a persons best interest to please the Nats (destructive and mischievous spirits when displeased) when passing a shrine. The Americans desire to believe in only what they see fit, causes most of them to deny the Nats even the smallest token. This not only angers the Nats but also the natives. The tourists are unable to see past their materialism and ideals to adapt to their new surroundings.
Burma, who's name was changed to Myanmar by the government, has strict and unforgiving laws for both citizens and tourists. Any unlawful action, especially speaking out against the government or reporting government action, can be…...

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