Dreams Can Be Created but Destoryed Within Minutes

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Amanda Stopinski
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September 14, 2009
Dreams Can Be Created but Destroyed Within Minutes
As we go through life we come to face many decisions, or events, that will shape who we are today and change our lives forever. I am a gymnast and have been for fifteen years, and the sport has consumed my life. I have competed for two clubs as a gymnast. At first I was competing for Parkettes and trained with top level gymnasts who have gone all the way to the Olympics. After nine years there I decided it was time for change and I needed it right away. When I arrived at 1665 E. Race St. in Allentown, Pennsylvania, I knew that Lehigh Valley Sports Academy (LVSA) was my new home. As I walked in the doors to LVSA all I saw were orange, blue, and green walls surrounded by people and future teammates ready to greet me with a friendly smile. The gym looked like an old airplane hangar that was emptied out with four, full-size spring floors, 16 balance beams, three sets of uneven bars, two bars over a foam pit, and two vaults just sitting there waiting for me to start flipping on. The gym was quiet, cold, and had that morning dew feeling to it, but as we sat there waiting to start our workout, nice and early, I met my coach, a former world champion, Natalia Yurchenko. It was an honor to be in the presence of such a great gymnast who has had so many high level skills named after her, and to know that she is my new coach.
At the close to my summer in 2007, I was chosen to be a part of a team that was well known around the country, Gattaca. Our gym picked up the sponsor and we were no longer known as just LVSA we were now known as Lehigh Valley Sports Academy Gattaca Training Center. To me that was the longest name for a gym that I have ever heard of, but with all the great opportunities that the deal offered to me, I decided that I couldn’t pass…...

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