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DUI is an acronym for Driving under the Influence. In spite of the minimum permissible drinking age being 21, many adolescents in the United States of America drink alcoholic drinks. Most of these adolescents abuse alcoholic drinks by consuming alcohol frequent times or binge drinking. Binge drinking is taking more than five drinks in a row (Wilson, p63). Only a very small section of these adolescents can meet the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, Fourth Edition (DSM-IV) gauges for alcohol dependence and independence (1, 2). The advancement of consuming alcohol from its use to abusing and its addiction is linked with both psychological and psycho-social influences. This paper will seek to examine the adverse effects of Driving under the Influence and how it can be curbed to prevent any further consequences. The overall short-run and long-run effects that come from juvenile alcohol drinking and dependence are astounding in every aspect of their assortment and scale, affecting not only the adolescents but also the people around them and community as an entirety. Adolescence is a passage in one's life to maturity that is categorized by vigorous bodily fitness and little occurrence of disease. However, what is most astounding is that the overall sickness and death rates surge by almost 200 percent in the middle of one's early adolescent and early adulthood years. This intense increase is mostly attributed to the rise in risk-taking, adventure-seeking, and inconsistent conduct that shadows the beginning of adolescence (Thompson, p27). These factors are responsible for contributing to viciousness, unintended harms, unsafe sexual performance, murder, suicide and driving under the Influence.
Background Information In recent times, the American Society has come up with various approaches to reduce the cases…...

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