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Duty-Based and Outcome-Based Ethics

Ethical reasoning is the process by which an individual examines a situation according to his or her moral convictions or ethical standards. Fundamental ethical reasoning approaches include: Duty-based ethics and Outcome-based ethics.
Duty-based ethics weigh the end of an action against the means used to attain the end. Duty based ethics are based upon an underlying concept of duty regardless of the consequences of action taken or forsworn in keeping with duty. It generally arises from religious belief of philosophy reasoning. Ethical standards based on duty may also be derived from philosophical principles such as the Kantian philosophy. A central postulate in kantian ethics is that it should evaluate their actions in light of the consequences that follows if everyone in society acted in the same way.
In duty-based ethics the categorical imperative can be applied to any action when deciding whether an action is ethical. To determine whether an action is ethical one should consider what the effect would be if everyone similarly situated acted in the same way. Categorical imperative ethics maintains that a decision should be made without trying to predict whether an action will create the greatest balance of good over evil. Ethics in the categorical imperative sense is a function of moral rules and principles and does not involve any calculation of the consequences.
Although a duty cannot exist without a corresponding right, duty-based ethical standards imply that human beings have basic rights. In order to decide whether an action is ethical in the principle of rights one should consider what effect her actions would have on the fundamental rights of others (Miller,2013,p.52) Natural law tradition embraces the concept that certain things (killing) are morally wrong, they are contrary to human nature. Those who believe in…...

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