E&Y Neutraceuticals Report

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E&Y Nutraceuticals
Critical supplement for building a healthy India

Foreword................................................................................................... 04
Introduction............................................................................................. 06
Executive summary................................................................................ 07
An insight into the nutraceuticals market of India
Section I: Nutritional status of the population of india....................................10
Section II: Nutraceuticals market: global and India.........................................24
Section III: Way forward............................................................................... 48

Annexure.................................................................................................. 66
Acknowledgements................................................................................ 76
About FICCI..............................................................................................80


Ajit Singh
Chairman- FICCI Task Force on Nutraceuticals
Chairman- ACG Worldwide (formerly Associated Capsules Group)
President- Health Foods and Dietary Supplements Association (HADSA)
Dear reader,
Nutraceuticals as they are called in industry parlance cover a basket of products from dietary supplements to probiotic and energy drinks to cholesterol and fat free foods among others. Increased discretionary spending, changing lifestyles and growing awareness among
Indians about healthy living are accelerating the growth of this Industry. Despite the huge potential, India’s share, with reference to the global Nutraceuticals market is still minimal.
FICCI is one of the apex…...

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