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I am the H.R. Director for a BeyondTheRack Corporation, a 30,000 employee off-price retailer, headquartered in Massachusetts with store locations and distribution centers throughout the country. We currently do not have an Employee Assistance Program. Our CEO realizes that many competin

Employee Assistance Programs are benefit programs, designed to help employees face personal problems that might negatively impact their work performance, health, or overall well-being. The personal issues for which Employee Assistance Programs provide support vary, but can include, alcoholism, substance abuse, emotional distress, major life events such as births, accidents, and death, health complications, family and relationship dynamics, and work environment concerns. A 2008 study from the Families and Work Institute found that 65% of employers provided EAPs in 2008, an increase from 56% in 1998 (Dargan, 2010). Employee Assistance Programs generally include a variety of services such as situation assessment, short-term psychological counseling and referral services to specialists if needed. Employers choose to provide this benefit to their employees for many different reasons, ranging from the desire to support their employees and their family members, accepting the evidence that healthy employees make for a more productive workplace, and protecting themselves from liability and legal issues (Jacobson, 2010).
An Employee Assistance Program's basic services are usually funded by the employer so that associates and their families can utilize them free of charge. Most offer employees between three and ten sessions with a trained counselor or adviser. The employer negotiates services based on per-employee charges which range from $12.00 to $30.00 per calendar year. The cost, in comparison to expenditures on health insurance, remains minimal (Grossman, 2010). How can…...

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...TABLE OF CONTENTS Purpose 3 Methods and/or Procedures 5 Materials and Equipment 6 Follow-Up 6 Costs 6 Summary…………………………………………………………………………………………7 References……………………………………………………………………………………….8 Purpose The Human Resource Department of Atain Insurance Company (The Company) is requesting a proposal to its Board of Directors to implement an Employee Assistance Program (EAP). The EAP will be offered as part of our comprehensive benefit package to all of its employees and their qualified dependents. An EAP is a confidential counseling service, paid for by the employer that is designed to help employees and family members who have personal problems as well as work problems that can interfere with their work and family life (Attridge, 2010). Employees and family members will be eligible to receive free counseling for (Attridge, 2010): • Stress • Alcohol and drug problems • Legal and financial problems • Emotional problems • Child/Elder care • Grief and traumatic events The objective of the EAP will be to (Attridge, 2010): • Reduce cost of medical benefits • Reduce turnover • Reduce absenteeism • Increase productivity • Improve efficiency • Reduce lost-time accidents • Increase overall wellness of employees We propose to contract this service out to an outside vendor that will be more qualified to handle the counseling. Benefits, implementation and costs of this program will be thoroughly presented within this proposal. Scope What......

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...Assistance Program (EAP) is a service available to all employees at no cost at any federal agency. An EAP support s and assists employees in assessing and resolving their work, health and life issues. It is staffed by professional counselors who will help you address problems that can adversely affect job performance, reliability, and personal health. A counselor will discuss the problem with you and after helping you assess the problem, provide short-term counseling. If needed, the counselor will also refer you to other professional services and resources within your community for further information and assistance. The reasons for why invest in an EAPE are listed in the following points: * Reduce costs related to health care and employee benefits * Solidify your position as an employer of choice; attract and retain talent * Improve absenteeism rates; increase workplace productivity and team environment * Showcase your commitment to your employees by supporting them and  their families * Reduce the issue management stress and administrative efforts of Managers and/or Human Resources; let an EAP do the work! All Federal agencies provide Employee Assistance Programs (EAP) for employees. Basic EAP services include free, voluntary, short-term counseling and referral for various issues affecting employee mental and emotional well-being, such as alcohol and other substance abuse, stress, grief, family problems, and psychological disorders. EAP......

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...services to employees who are experiencing personal problems that may interfere with work performance has helped establish Beijing EAPS Consulting, Inc., into their market in 2001(Jiao Li , 2011, p 50). Since then, the company has grown from six original employees to twenty employees in six years (Jiao Li, 2011, p 50). Beijing EAPS Consulting delivers a variety of options to their customers that are covered through their health insurance coverage (Jiao Li, 2011, p 50). Due to the growth of their work force, the company has had to undergo major reorganization within its management levels and employee structure (Jiao Li, 2011, p 52). In addition to management reorganization, the company has also changed its focus from research to more business practices and making their name known throughout their market (Jiao Li, 2011, p 51). Currently, where employees previously had one manager to report to, there are situations where there are two or more managers, depending on which project they are working on (Jiao Li, 2011, p 53). This has caused confusion as to which manager holds priority and how to manage tasks given to them by both (Jiao Li, 2011, p 53). As a result, projects are not progressing as efficiently as they should be and there is discord among both managers and employees (Jiao Li, 2011, p 53). This paper will take an in depth look at Beijing EAPS Consulting, Inc. and examine the consequences of co-conducting project plans, as well as the points of views from......

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...05/28/13 Beijing EAPS Consulting, Inc. Co-Conducting a Project Plan The case starts off with Mr. Zheng, the chief executive officer (CEO) of Beijing EAPS Consulting, Inc., overhearing a conversation between two of his employees. Mr. Yang, the training department manager and Ms. Song, the project manager were not in sync on their current roles and how they are able to relay information to the other. A project manager is a single person tasked or has the responsibility to plan, direct, and integrate the work efforts of his or her staff to achieve the project goals. Project managers may administratively report to functional or departmental managers or program managers with respect to their projects or those who act as subcontractors to program managers; report to program managers while managing resources from functional groups; or report directly to the executive management. The project manager is the person responsible for ensuring that the project team completes the project. The project manager develops the project plan with the team and manages the team’s performance of project tasks. It is also the responsibility of the project manager to secure acceptance and approval of deliverables from the Project Sponsor and Stakeholders. The project manager is responsible for communication, including status reporting, risk management, escalation of issues that cannot be resolved in the team, and in general, making sure the project is delivered in budget, on schedule, and......

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...| | Employee Assistance Programs | | | | | | | | | Employee Assistance Programs: (EAPs) are employee benefit programs offered by many employers. EAPs are intended to help employees deal with personal problems that might adversely impact their work performance, health, and well-being. EAPs generally include short-term counseling and referral services for employees and their household members. Services: Employee and their immediate families may use EAPs to manage situations they are facing in their personal lives. There are special EAP counselors that are there to provide assessments, support, and referrals for assistance including but not limited too; substance abuse, emotional distress, major life events, healthcare, legal concerns, and aging parents. EAP services are provided to employees at no cost, pre-paid by employer. The EAP services are generally maintained by a third-party contractor, which provide their own lawyers, counselors, travel agents, and childcare providers. Benefits: Some studies indicate that offering EAPs may result in various benefits for employers, including lower medical costs, reduced turnover and absenteeism, and higher employee productivity. Critics of these studies question the scientific validity of their findings, noting small sample sizes, lack of experimental control groups, and lack of standardized measures as primary concerns. Proponents, however, argue that the consistency of positive findings......

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... 蓝海战略 目 录 前言 致谢 第一部分 蓝海战略 第一章 开创蓝海 第二章 分析工具与框架 第二部分 制定蓝海战略 第三章 重建市场边界 第四章 关注全景,而非数字 第五章 超越现有需求 第六章 遵循合理的战略顺序 第三部分 执行蓝海战略 第七章 克服关键组织障碍 第八章 寓执行于战略 第九章 结论:蓝海战略的可持续性与更新 附录 A 蓝海战略案例纵览 附录 B 价值创新:战略的结构再造观点 附录 C 价值创新的市场动态分析 注释 参考文献 索引 1 前言 本书是友谊、忠诚和相互信赖的产物。正是友谊和信任激发我们探索本书 所表述的主要思想,并最终完成了写作。 20 年前,我们在课堂相遇——一个是教授,一个是学生。从那时起,我们 就一直一起工作,犹如同一条下水道里的两只湿老鼠。因此,本书不是思想的成 功,而是友谊的成功,并且我们发现友谊比商业世界的任何思想都更有意义—— 因为我们不是孤军奋战。 任何旅途都不是一帆风顺的,任何友谊也不会仅仅充满了欢笑。好在写作 的旅途上,我们的每一天都是激动人心的,因为我们在完成一项旨在学习和改进 的任务。我们深信本书的思想,这些思想绝非为那些得过且过或生活目标仅仅在 于混日子的人所准备;因为那不是我们的兴趣。如果你仅满足于上述生活态度, 请不必阅读本书,但是如果你想干一番事业,想建立一家客户、雇员、股东以及 社会共赢的企业,请读下去。尽管这并非易事,但却值得去做。 我们的研究认为,任何一家企业都不可能永葆卓越,正如任何一个行业都 无法长盛不衰一样。我们回顾走过的路时会发现,自己和企业一样,做了聪明的 事和蠢事。为了更加成功,我们需要研究和认识造成积极变化的那些行为,以及 如何才能系统性地复制此类正确的行为。这就是我们所说的聪明的战略推动,并 且我们发现,起中心作用的战略行为就是开创蓝海。 蓝海战略要求企业突破传统的血腥竞争所形成的“红海”,拓展新的非竞争 性的市场空间。与已有的、通常呈收缩趋势的竞争市场需求不同,蓝海战略考虑 的是如何创造需求,突破竞争。本书不仅仅对企业思维进行挑战,而且告诉它们 怎样达到目标。首先,我们引入一整套分析工具与框架,告诉读者如何系统性地 应对挑战;其次,我们阐明了若干原则,以区分蓝海战略和传统竞争性战略。 我们的目标是在当前的已知市场空间的“红海”竞争之外,构筑系统性、 可操作的蓝海战略,并加以执行。只有这样,企业才能以明智和负责的方式拓展 蓝海领域,同时实现机会的最大化和风险的最小化。任何一家企业,无论其规模 大小, 是已有的行业企业, 还是新进入该行业的企业, 都不应, 也不能过度冒险 。 本书的内容是 15 年研究的总结,使用的数据区间在百年以上,还包括与此 观点有关的《哈佛商业评论》的一系列文章和其他相关学术文章。本书所阐述的 2 理念、 工具和思想框架在欧美和亚洲的企业中已经经过了多年的实践检验与不断 的更新。本书的阐述将上述的工作和思想汇总到一个统一框架之内。这一框架不 仅仅包括对如何蓝海战略的分析,还对最重要的人事问题作出解答,以使组织和 人员自觉贯彻执行这些思想。在此,我们将如何赢得信任和忠诚,以及理解员工 理性与感性认知的重要性,摆在了蓝海战略的核心位置。 蓝色海洋的机遇已经展现。随着对蓝海领域的探索,市场的空间不断扩展。 我们相信,这种扩张正是企业发展的根源。然而,对于如何有系统地创造和开辟 蓝海领域,无论在理论上还是实践上都还有所不足。我们诚邀读者阅读本书,学 会成为未来增长的驾驭者。 3 致谢 本书的写作得到了不少协助。INSEAD...

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...economies in East Asia and Pacific (EAP). Importantly, this remarkable sales growth took place despite great hurdles (see below), which is suggestive of continued growth that could be unlocked by further reforms. As Myanmar continues to open up to foreign investment, this growth will likely continue. 2 5 1 0 Real annual sales growth (%) Myanmar 2014 0 Annual employment growth (%) EAP Low income Access to finance remains difficult for firms in Myanmar 100 16 90 14 80 12 70 60 10 50 8 40 6 30 4 20 2 10 0 Percentage Percentage One of the biggest challenges for firms in Myanmar is access to financial services. The proportion of firms with a checking or savings account is 30% which is less than half the average for low income countries, , and close to a third of the average of EAP economies. s. This is one of the lowest averages across all countries s with ES data. Access to credit through banks is s worse still. Only 7% of firms report having a bank loan which is one-fifth the level for EAP or low income countries. Less than 2% of investments are financed from banks, slightly over a tenth of the EAP average. These extremely low levels of bank usage indicate that firms do not have access to basic financial services. 0 Percent of firms with a checking or Proportion of investments financed by banks (%) savings account Myanmar 2014 EAP Low income The country's......

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...Assignment 3: Beijing EAPS Consulting, Inc. The case study, “Beijing EAPS Consulting, Inc.” in the Custom Book, (2011), examines the project management structure of the Beijing EAPS Consulting (BEC) company. This case study also addresses about project plan itself and how the co-workers are struggling with this communication between both mangers. This project plan has demonstrated many strengths and weakness. The one thing that the project plan needs put into action are safeguards to insure that the project is completed on time. BEC has taken on the matrix organizational structure. This type of structure combines functional and divisional organization structure styles. There are advantages and disadvantages in utilizing this type of organizational structure. Advantages include resource utilization, specialization, cross functional areas, communication and flexibility. Resource utilization allows for the project departmental managers to focus on their strengths. Also, it allows for the managers to all the workers to specialize in an area of important for that project. In turn, it uses people across the company who specialize in a field that relates to the project at hand. This matrix structure permits cross departmental communication and flexibility to work on different projects across the company structure.( Guzman, 2012) However, with advantages come disadvantage with this type of matrix organizational structure. This structure increases complexity within...

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...A case study of organizational structure at Beijing EAPS Consulting, Inc. 1. Discuss the implications of co-conducting a project plan from the project and department managers’ points of view. Beijing EAPS Consulting Inc. (BEC) is a growing consulting company that specializes in providing psychological assistance to employees of BECs client firms. BEC started with six employees in 2001 and has increased to 20 employees in six years short years. When the company first started it was managed by the two co-founders working out of the same single office. In the beginning there was no clear company structure, no clearly identified departments. Projects where assigned to employees based on schedules and skills. In 2006, BEC started hiring new employees and set up new departments. The new company structure included a marketing department, a consulting department, a training department, a research and development (R&D) department, an administration department and two project departments A and B (PDA and PDB). Exhibit 1 illustrates BEC project structure after 2006. Note that the two organizations responsible for projects are listed as separate departments under different management. This type of organization structure is known as functional. Exhibit 2 list the responsibilities of both Project Departments as having the same overall responsibilities with regards to their projects. Difficulties may arise because the project managers fall under......

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...Beijing EAPS Consulting Inc. Founded in 2001, Beijing EAPS Consulting, Inc (BEC) started with only 6 employees. Today, the company is the largest and the first Employee Assistance Program (EAP) provider in Mainland China, dedicating in improving employees’ psychological capital, relieving personal distress, helping organizations to foster a workforce with Health, Happiness, and High Performance, and enhancing organizational competitiveness and harmony by providing EAP services (“Research Initiatives,” n.d.). Companies (such as Lenovo, China Development Bank, Guangdoing Mobile, Siemens, Samsung, IBM, etc.) came to BEC to provide their employees with psychological assistance benefits in order to reduce stress, to improve employees’ relationships, to improve the work environment, and to increase job satisfaction for all employees. Because of BEC rapid growth in business and profit, it was primarily due to the company had adopted a new project management system. This approach utilizes project managers to organize with employees across different functional departments. As a result, most employees worked on multiple projects and reported to both the department and project managers. This became an issue among employees because of conflict among the managers with task assignments. Employees at times must prioritize their tasks themselves which could result in a task not getting done on time for one of the managers. Another issue within the BEC Company is collaboration......

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