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Paper on ecommerce and shopping


ABSTRACT With businesses seeking to seize the momentum of social media and social networking, technology-enabled social commerce has emerged to combine the power of online social networking with shopping. This study examines an emerging area in E-commerce, i.e., social commerce. Extending the online consumer behavior typology, this study categorizes online consumer behaviors into three types: transactional, informational, and social. While traditional E-commerce supports the transactional and informational aspects of online shopping, social commerce fulfils the social aspects of shopping, and potentially enhances the informational aspect as well. This research examines the online shopper as a prospective user of an emerging social commerce platform, the social shopping website, which are sites designed specifically to support social interactions while online consumers shop. The study augments the Technology Acceptance Model with constructs that enhance the specificity of the model to the social shopping application of social commerce. The model was empirically tested and supported. The results provide empirical evidence to support the importance of distinguishing the social aspect of shopping from the information and transactional aspects, as well as the potential advantage to using technology to promote social interactions on E-commerce sites. Implications and future research are discussed. Keywords: E-commerce, internet, shopping, social networking

Ecommerce and the Internet Social networking and ecommerce continue to gain popularity under the media spotlight. Seeking to retain existing customers and the e-commerce to attract new…...

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...scope of Ecommerce (Deshmukh, Sujata, & Deshmukh, Prashant, & Thampi, G. T 2013). Initial consumers prefer to shop those goods which don’t have touch and feel factor, but this trend is gradually changing. Customer satisfaction depends on information quality and service quality (Joshi, Priyanka 2015). There are some challenges in m-commerce. Small screens and sparse internet connectivity are some of them .One set of researcher looks at how M Commerce should be adopted. There are articles like "Effective optimization of Web Sites for Mobile access" which talks about technical problems that occurred while introducing E Commerce website over mobile phone screen. (Marci Troutman, Steve Timpson, 2008). Further researchers talked about who are the first adopters of E Commerce mobile applications and their patterns. When M Commerce was introduced the initial users were mostly web users. (Liren Einav, Igor Popov and Neel Sundaresan 2012). E-commerce consumer behaviour has been studied in the past. Regression analysis has demonstrated that the determinants of online shopping acceptance differ among product or consumer characteristics (Goswami, Shubham 2014). Some researchers argue that although user behaviour was the top concern for the past decade, scholars now rank it as the least relevant items (Pousttchi, Key, & Tilson, David, & Lyytinen, Kalle, & Hufenbach, Yvonne 2015). Journal of Internet Banking and Commerce talks about User's attitude towards mobile internet.......

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