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Education Failing By May 7, 2013 Strayer University ECON 405 P

Provide a brief overview / synopsis of the issue.
The article suggest that the system is designed to fail from the start There are many factors that are failing our education system in America. The article explains some of the factors that are causing this problem. The main two topics that the article list as the problem are through the teachers union and the government. It also lays the blame for our education system failing on the students themselves for not taking a initiative, to the parents just passing the buck to the schools to educate their children and to the curriculum that is being taught. The government has the no child left behind act which to me seems that it just pushes a child through. It looks good in theory but it has not worked yet and it has been in effect for almost thirteen years now. The blame seems to be passed around like a hot potato, nobody wants to take the responsibility. They just want to blame each other for the mistakes. These are not even new problems that we are facing this problem has been going on for years and years. The statistics are there “the proficiency of math and reading among 8th graders” The math part broken down by a few states is Alabama 18%, Mississippi 14%, New Jersey 40%, Connecticut 35%,
New York 30%, Arizona 26% and California 24% and for the reading side the states scored between 20% and 35% with the worst score of 12% in Washington D.C” The America job force is suffering from these disturbing facts. We as a nation have 120,000,000 job and we cannot even fill half of them because of our education system. The biggest culprit to this very sad situation is the teachers themselves. The teacher have “tenure policy which means they have a job until

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