Effects of Apple on Society

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Technology can be used for a lot of things. One piece of technology that really caught everyones attention was apple. Apple was created by steve jobs. There are many reason why it can be good and why it can be bad. This are some of the reason why it can either be bad or good.

Technology is something that grows very rapidly and keeps the organizations such as Apple always on their feet striving to develop newer products to compete in the fast competition. Apple having launched their product in Europe saw that the mobile phone industry in Europe was much more advanced than the U.S. People in Europe want their phones to do much more than just make calls and iPhone only capable of running on GSM technology lacked the potential to dominate and further acquire the market share. Thus Apple came up with the newer model of its product, iPhone 3GS to meet the needs of the consumers and stats show that the move helped Apple maintain its growing user base. In the future too Apple needs to lay a lot of focus on working on it's tradition of bringing out something new.
Another challenge that Apple faces is the grey market that appears in iPhone, although it has been a successful product still people not having been able to switch to its high cost have the phone unlocked on to the other networks which costs apple. The contract between Apple and the network providers says that network providers will only pay Apple if the phone remains on the same network thus it loses Apple a lot of money. What Apple needs to do now is to develop network locks and codes that don't let people unlock the phone so as to keeping Apple's profits promise.

Second, a huge set back Apple has had to face in the Asian world and is getting stronger by the day is the presence and dominance of the fake counterparts of Apple's products. Apple will have to put up with the fact that copyright laws and stronger…...

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